"Engage with the Human behind the Device; Not just the device itself."


Deliver unique content to your audience based on THEIR unique situation Stack variables like weather, time of day, day of week, device type referring site, past participation and more to create hyper-targeted content for your consumers…all in a stupid simple drag and drop interface.

For Advertisers

Plug linknexus™ into your ads, when clicked, the end user's destination is determined based on countless combinations of advanced logic that you build with just a few clicks. Make changes in real-time to maximize participation and ROI. Its that simple.

For Brands

There's no need to think of an ad campaign as an ad campaign anymore. Each campaign can now hyper target the right content to the right users based on the rules that you set. Think of it as AB testing on steroids travelling at warp 9 with you in the captains chair.

For Agencies

Manage all of your client's links in one place and change them when you see fit. Or let the linknexus brain change destinations based on the logic you cook up. Instantly…like, open the link up, make your changes, and click save. That fast.